Utah leads nation streamlining occupational licensing reform

Utah’s innovative approach to occupational licensing reform is receiving national attention. In a new joint op-ed published by “National Review,” Governor Spencer Cox and Utah Department of Commerce Executive Director Margaret Busse explain why Utah is reforming occupational licensing

“Weighty licensure barriers limit opportunities to enter a profession and, with fewer providers, result in higher costs, both of which affect the low-income and underserved most acutely,” Cox and Busse write.

Utah’s efforts to modernize and right-size occupational licensing requirements are paving the way for reform around the country.

“As professions change, adapt, and advance, licensure requirements can become out of date. For instance, ten years ago, most states had a requirement for face-to-face physician visits. Now, the telehealth boom has made such requirements obsolete,” Cox and Busse write.

Utah is proud to lead the initiative to streamline training requirements, moving a much needed workforce into employment.

Busse also recently spoke on this topic on “Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson.” You can listen to the interview here.