Gov. Cox announces Utah Home, a new plan of priorities for Utah

At the start of the Cox-Henderson administration in 2021, Team Utah released the One Utah Roadmap, a plan for the first 500 days in office. Now entering the third year of the administration, the administration is releasing a new set of bold and impactful priorities for Utah. 

Today, Gov. Cox released Utah Home, a new plan of priorities that stem from a commitment to building a sustainable future for current and future generations of Utah. These priorities address Utah’s challenges with growth, with an emphasis on enabling a future with our children and grandchildren nearby. These priorities are also aimed at driving the best investments and use of state resources, and improving how our state government serves Utahns.

“The future of our state is not written in the stars. It is for us, the free men and women of Utah, to dictate our destiny… To anyone who believes that the next generation in Utah will be worse off than their parents, my message is simple: not now, not on our watch,” Gov. Cox said in his 2023 State of the State address. 

This set of priorities is called Utah Home because these goals are foundational to preserving our home state as a wonderful place to live, work, and recreate. Parts of what make Utah our home include our people, growth, and good government – the three guiding pillars of Utah Home:

  • People – Education and learning, concerns about the impact of social media on minors’ physical, mental and behavioral health, expanded opportunities, domestic violence and sexual assault prevention, support for victims of interpersonal violence, and support for vulnerable families.
  • Growth – Water, housing, homelessness, connecting Utah through trails, energy, and the economic future of rural Utah.
  • Good government – Customer service, employee retention, and wise use of Utah’s resources.

More details, including a dynamic dashboard that will be updated to show progress on each of these initiatives, are available on