Ibarra Foundation and Western Governors University team up to give the gift of education

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the Ibarra Foundation and Western Governors University (WGU) are teaming up to share the love with the ultimate gift—education. Beginning this year, the Ibarra Foundation Scholarship will be awarded to at least four WGU students to cover the cost of tuition and fees. The scholarships are made possible through the Ibarra Foundation’s donation of $100,000 over three years with the intent to support students of Mexican or Latino heritage who are pursuing higher education.

David Ibarra created the Ibarra Foundation in 2004 as a way to give back and make college possible for Latino students. As a child raised in foster care who overcame childhood adversity to create a successful business career, Ibarra recognizes the opportunities higher education provides. Since its inception, the Ibarra Foundation has helped more than 100 students obtain a university education.  

“Everything that we do as human beings is a combination of the things we learn, and I believe we should never stop learning,” said David Ibarra. “Investing in college access is part of my longstanding commitment to the future success of our Latino community.”

By partnering with WGU, the Ibarra Foundation will provide an affordable and accredited way for individuals to advance their careers by completing an online bachelor’s or master’s degree.

“At WGU we know that the most impactful way to solve national equity and representation issues in higher education is to create upward mobility at a local level. We are grateful to partners like the Ibarra Foundation who see the need in their communities and are working to make a difference,” says WGU Advancement Senior Vice President Annalisa Holcombe.

The majority of WGU students are working adults who benefit from the flexibility and relevance of the competency-based programs that the university offers. As a nonprofit institution, WGU is committed to keeping tuition costs low. Most WGU degree programs are approximately $7,000 per year – about half as much as comparable universities. Its online, competency-based model allows students to study and learn whenever and wherever it is convenient and at a pace that fits their lifestyles. The university is well-suited for busy, working adults, as well as traditionally underserved student populations.

“We are so excited to work with the Ibarra Foundation and offer this scholarship,” said WGU Regional Director of Operations, Ismar Vallecillos. “Education has played a huge role in my life, and I deeply understand the struggles that come with attaining a higher education to better your future, as they are struggles I have personally experienced. Our hope with this scholarship is to allow more individuals to experience the life-changing gift of education.”