House Democratic Caucus statement on HB297 & HB467

The Utah House Democrats are disappointed to see committee approval ofH.B. 467 and H.B. 297. These health centers are critical providers of health care for Utahns. They serve an important role in our communities, offering safe, accessible and affordable services to those who need them. Forcing clinics to close and requiring people to seek all abortion care at Utah’s hospitals will not only limit access to abortion, but also other types of reproductive health care. This bill will put critical healthcare out of reach for the majority of Utahns.

H.B. 297 fails to help and empower victims. In reality, this bill creates hurdles with no evidence that it leads to better outcomes for victims. This limits the control that victims of sexual assault have over their bodies at the exact time that they should be given more agency, not less. The proposed victim services in H.B. 297 are already established in current Utah law.

As Utah House Democrats, we will continue to advocate for the rights of Utahns to make their own decisions about their healthcare. These bills are a step in the wrong direction and will jeopardize the health and well-being of Utah women and families.