House Democratic Caucus statement on HB101

The Utah House Democrats remain frustrated and disappointed that the Utah House Majority continues to bring forward bills that hold good policies hostage. Representative Rosemary Lesser (D-10) has been a vocal champion on the removal of the sales tax on food.

While the House Democrats remain in favor of removing the sales tax on food, H.B. 101 cannot be supported in good faith. By tying the removal of the food tax to removing the earmark on education funding, the Majority continues to hold public education hostage. These items should be considered separately on the merits of their own policy and Representative Rosemary Lesser proposed an amendment to separate the two issues, which was voted down.

We want to make it very clear, Utah House Democrats support the removal of the sales tax on food. We do not support the efforts to remove the earmark on education funding. We call on our legislative colleagues to debate these issues on their own merits and seek immediate solutions to help Utah families who are struggling to put food on the table.