Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson has requested state investigation of former Juab County Clerk/Auditor Alaina E. Lofgran for potential misconduct

Last month, Lt. Gov. Henderson asked Attorney General Sean Reyes to investigate the former Juab County clerk/auditor for alleged misconduct that occurred before Alaina E. Lofgran’s term in office expired at the end of 2022. 

Current Juab County officials reported the potential election offenses to the lieutenant governor in February. A subpoena was served on March 6, 2023. The investigation is ongoing.

“Trust in elections is a hallmark of our system of government. All reports of election violations are treated with utmost urgency,” Henderson said. “So far, the allegations and evidence warrant a state investigation that could involve criminal charges. I want to thank Juab County officials who immediately brought these problems to light and have cooperated fully.”