Utah Taxpayers Association releases 2023 Legislative Scorecard and Friend of the Taxpayer Award winners

The Utah Taxpayers Association has released its 2023 Legislative Scorecard and announces its ‘Friend of the Taxpayer’ award winners. 

This year, the Association’s annual scorecard ranked Utah’s 104 legislators on 12 crucial taxpayer related bills from the 2023 legislative session. The bills that were rated covered key taxpayer issues such as cutting taxes, preventing tax increases, strengthening Utah’s tax code and ensuring economic success in the state for years to come.

Legislators are ranked according according to the number of points they scored versus their potential maximum. Those with the top rank earn the distinction of “Friend of the Taxpayer.” 10 House members and 2 senators earned the honor for this year.

“We appreciate the Legislature’s consideration of all Utah taxpayers while also seeing record revenues. The 2023 session was a significant one for tax policy in Utah” said Rusty Cannon, President of the Utah Taxpayers Association. “Our Friend of the Taxpayer award is sought after by legislators and is difficult to earn. We congratulate this year’s winners for defending sound tax policy”.

The entire 2023 Scorecard and full list of ‘Friend of the Taxpayer’ winners can be viewed HERE