Owens supports legislation to boost domestic energy production

Today, Rep. Burgess Owens (UT-04) co-sponsored the Lower Energy Costs Act, legislation to boost domestic energy production by cutting red-tape regulations and investing in American energy infrastructure. The House of Representatives will vote on the Lower Energy Costs Act later this week—if it is signed into law, the legislation would immediately boost our energy independence and lower prices across the board for American families.

“America is stronger when we are energy independent, yet the Biden administration has waged war on domestic production, raising costs for hardworking families and increasing our dependence on hostile adversaries,” said Rep. Owens. “House Republicans made a commitment to deliver affordable and secure resources, and that starts by reversing Biden’s anti-energy policies and unleashing domestic production. We should be making more American energy – not less.”

The Lower Energy Costs Act restores American energy independence by:

  • Increasing domestic energy production, including in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Reforming the permitting process for all industries
  • Reversing anti-energy policies advanced by the Biden Administration
  • Streamlining energy infrastructure and exports
  • Boosting the production and processing of critical minerals

The full text of the legislation is available here.