Curtis applauds passage of clean energy package

Today, Rep. Curtis (R-UT), chair of the Conservative Climate Caucus, issued a statement celebrating the House’s bipartisan passage of H.R. 1, the Lower Energy Costs Act. The landmark legislation aims to promote affordable, reliable, safe, and clean energy solutions for the American people.

“The path to affordable, reliable, safe, and clean energy starts here with H.R. 1. I applaud the passage of this bill, and I am grateful for the inclusion of my legislation to help approval of chemicals necessary for the critical energy infrastructure of the future,” said Rep. Curtis. “Republicans care deeply about this Earth, emission reductions, affordable energy, and energy independence, all of which are achieved by this bill.”

The Lower Energy Costs Act is a comprehensive energy policy that seeks to address the challenges of rising energy costs while simultaneously reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The legislation includes provisions to support the development of clean energy technologies, improve energy efficiency, and promote energy independence.

As Chair of the Conservative Climate Caucus, Rep. Curtis has been a vocal advocate addressing climate change and advancing a responsible energy policy for the United States. The passage of H.R. 1 marks a significant milestone in the Caucus’s efforts to advance conservative principles in the fight against climate change.

The Lower Energy Costs Act now moves to the Senate. Rep. Curtis and his colleagues in the Conservative Climate Caucus will continue to advocate for the bill’s passage and work to ensure that it reaches the President’s desk for signature.

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