Utah favorably positioned to host another successful Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games

Utah’s demographic, social, and environmental factors favorably position the state to host another successful Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. This new study from the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute supplements a  previously released report that found hosting another Winter Games would make a significant economic impact to the state, generating jobs, income, and economic output. 

“Utahns strongly support hosting a future Olympic and Paralympic Winter games,” said Gardner Institute Director of Economic Research Nate Lloyd. “Positive social trends, minimized negative environmental impacts,  and strong and stable population growth all point to Utah being favorably positioned to be successful if selected.” 

Key findings from the report include the following:  

Strong Support – 82% of Utahns support hosting a future Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. 

Demographic Trends – Utah continues to be a fast-growing, youthful, and rapidly diversifying state that attracts  new migrants. Over 8% of the population was born outside the state and over 140 languages are spoken in the public schools. 

Social Factors – Utah maintains its stature as a volunteer state with significant civic pride, nation-leading social  capital, and high levels of well-being as measured by physical health, active lifestyles, healthy behaviors, and  access to recreational activities. Utah’s progress in creating a greater sense of belonging manifests itself in  immigration and equity, diversity, and inclusion compacts signed by community leaders. 

Environmental Factors – Utah remains well positioned to host an environmentally positive Games. A future  Games will not require any Olympic-specific new construction projects, greatly reducing the environmental  footprint. The Salt Lake City-Utah Committee for the Games commitment to a “climate positive” Games  demonstrates the high priority of environmental outcomes. 

“The positive impacts outlined in the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute study are a vital component to tell the  story of our bid to the IOC,” said Salt Lake City-Utah Committee for the Games (SLC-UT) President and CEO Fraser Bullock. “The Games offer a valuable platform to bring positive social benefits to our communities. At the  same time, we look forward to joining our host venue communities in setting an example for stewardship of our  environment.” 

“We encourage and look forward to working with our local communities to use the unifying power of sport to build accessible programs for youth, create awareness for social causes, and celebrate the vibrant and rich  diversity that exists in our state” said SLC-UT executive board member and Director for the Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs Nubia Peña. “The Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games offer a unique opportunity for our state to derive social, cultural and economic benefits that go well beyond the scope of the Games themselves.” 

The full report is now available online