Sutherland Institute welcomes Hal Anderson to Board of Directors

Sutherland Institute is pleased to announce that Hal Anderson, co-founder of Soltis Investment Advisors, has accepted a seat on its Board of Directors. Anderson brings a wealth of knowledge from the financial and investment sector that will expand Sutherland’s impact on free enterprise and economic issues.

“Hal’s professional expertise and leadership will certainly guide and influence this important stage of Sutherland’s growth,” said Rick Larsen, president and CEO of Sutherland Institute. “But it is his character and commitment to the foundations and institutions of this nation that will enable us to expand our contributions to principled public policy.”

Anderson joins Sutherland with decades of economic and investment experience in the Utah community. He has served in various key capacities at Soltis since its inception in 1993, including president and CEO, executive vice president, and chief financial officer. He currently chairs the board of managers and the alternative investment team for Soltis.

“Sutherland is a voice of reason and principle in Utah at a time when our state needs it most,” Anderson said. “It’s a pleasure to be a member of their board of directors, and I look forward to working closely with the team to bring sound policy to all Utahns.”

Outside of his role with Soltis, Anderson serves as an adjunct instructor in the finance department at Utah Tech University, where he teaches portfolio management. 

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