Utah Inland Port Authority unveils new look

The Utah Inland Port Authority (UIPA) is pleased to announce the completion of a major rebranding initiative, marking an exciting chapter for the organization. UIPA’s new mission, vision and values signifies the forward momentum of the Inland Port’s new focus and serves as the guiding points for all directives moving forward. 

Mission — We maximize long-term economic benefits in Utah by developing and optimizing economic project areas and logistics-based infrastructure. 

Vision — We move Utah forward. We aspire to transform Utah through multi-generational, logistics-based, economic solutions. 

Values — Collaboration, Sustainability, Respect, Accountability and Innovation. 

“We believe the new brand identity accurately captures the essence of the Utah Inland Port Authority,” said Ben Hart, UIPA Executive Director. “Our announcement today is not just about a brand, it is about how the brand will propel an organization that will help to transform Utah. We are the Port Authority—we are building inland ports. By creating better access to rail and better employment opportunities statewide, we are creating a more future-focused Utah.” 

The UIPA rebrand keeps the original name that was given in statute by the Utah Legislature back in 2018, but adds a fresh new logo, a forthcoming new website, new social media platforms, and many nods to the new mission, vision, and values. 

“The fresh look and renewed focus of UIPA aligns perfectly with our long-term goals,” said Miles Hansen, UIPA Board Chair. “We are confident that this rebranding will help communicate UIPA’s ability to drive economic development and create sustainable solutions for the benefit of Utah and its residents.” 

Utah has experienced significant strength from the innovation of shipping, a key priority of the Inland Port Authority. Whether by rail, road or air, the Port Authority is uniquely responsible for modernizing Utah’s infrastructure for the next generation of shippers. UIPA works closely with and through partners when it comes to transportation innovation and infrastructure development. 

“As we look to the future, it is essential that we invest and better utilize logistics systems, like rail, that are better for our environment, help to take more trucks off the roads, strengthen rural economies and position Utah to become a global industry connector,” said Representative Mike Schultz, US House of Representatives Majority Leader, who assisted with the creation of the Utah Inland Port Authority’s legislation . “UIPA is a vital piece of that puzzle and I am proud to see the work that is being done and the clear focus this new brand provides.” 

As a state entity, UIPA has a unique role to coordinate a statewide economic development and logistics system to ensure long-term sustainability and statewide value. To learn more about UIPA Project Areas and developments, visit inlandportauthority.utah.gov.