Curtis stands for fiscal responsibility, votes for spending reduction bill

Following the passage of the Fiscal Responsibility Act Congressman John Curtis (UT-03) issued the following statement:

“Since coming to Congress, I have not voted for a single omnibus spending bill or debt ceiling increase,” said Rep. Curtis. “While not perfect, this is the first bill I have been presented that gets Washington to spend less than it did last year and move towards balancing our budget.”

The Fiscal Responsibility Act is the most consequential spending reduction bill in more than a decade. This legislation cuts over $2 trillion in government spending while ensuring full funding for vital areas such as defense and veteran’s programs. Additionally, it requires the Executive Branch to offset the cost of regulations and streamlines the permitting process for American energy production. It also implements stronger work requirements that will help lift people out of poverty and contribute to the growth of our economy and workforce.

The Fiscal Responsibility Act is a right step towards addressing our spending problem, reining in federal spending, and securing a more stable economic future for all Americans.