Salt Lake Chamber supports bipartisan debt deal to avoid default

Salt Lake Chamber President and CEO Derek Miller released the following statement on the recent house bill passage on the debt limit increase preventing a default scenario for our nation:

“Businesses need stability and predictability. Businesses understand the importance of paying their bills and living within a budget. Businesses follow these foundational principles themselves and they expect it of the government.

“The Salt Lake Chamber applauds members of the Utah congressional delegation who voted for the bipartisan compromise between the Biden Administration and GOP House leadership, which avoids debt default and caps spending. While the bill has passed the critical House of Representatives vote, we urge members of the United States Senate to pass the legislation so it can be signed into law by the President before the default date. 

“The business community hopes to see more of this type of bipartisanship from Washington D.C. as the need grows for fiscal reform, a balanced budget, and constraining the national debt. These actions are fundamental to the success of any business, and they are fundamental to the prosperity of our country.”