Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy rebrands as Utah Global Diplomacy, grows impact

Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy will now be known as Utah Global Diplomacy. In addition to a new name, Utah Global Diplomacy is growing its impact through targeted education programs and by connecting Utahns from across the state with foreign delegations from across the globe.

“Our new name defines our mission and connects our welcoming and globally curious residents with individuals and organizations from around the globe,” said Felecia Maxfield-Barrett, President and CEO of Utah Global Diplomacy. “It highlights Utah’s global presence as an innovative, economic, and cultural hub and demonstrates that we can make the world a better place, one handshake at a time.”

For over 50 years, Utah Global Diplomacy has been an international link for both Utah and its residents. Utah Global Diplomacy has led the civil sector in shaping foreign relations. As the official community-based member of the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) in Utah, Utah Global Diplomacy has connected over 12,000 international visitors through 400,000 professional, cultural and educational meetings and experiences in Utah. These interactions engage current and emerging foreign leaders in a variety of field experience and cultivate lasting relationships. International visitors have also participated in nearly 5,000 in-home hosted dinners prepared by Utah volunteer families.

All of Utah Global Diplomacy’s efforts are rooted in the foundational principle of promoting respect and understanding between the people of Utah and other nations. This work helps to combat negative stereotypes of America, conduct meaningful dialogue that enhances national security, connect Utahns with resources to find solutions to global and local challenges, and immerse the broader community in cultures, customs, and languages.

“The name Utah Global Diplomacy highlights the unique position our organization is in to help shape foreign policy by welcoming delegations from across the globe,” said Kimberly DeGroff Madsen, Board Chair of Utah Global Diplomacy. “Our board and staff are committed to expanding our reach to more communities, organizations, and businesses across the state. We hope this renewed emphasis on the global nature of our work here in Utah will encourage and excite individuals and families to share a meal with our international visitors and show them how and why Utah has become a globally recognized cultural hub. It is the residents of this great state and their willingness to share their time and resources with our visitors that makes all the difference. As Utahns engage with visitors from around the globe, we know lasting relationships will be forged.”