Making musicians central to the startup economy

Salt Lake City has continually made a name for itself in the tech and entrepreneurial sector – and for good reason. Our access to the mountains, favorable business climate, and vibrant startup community have spurred jobs and opportunities for techies across the city with a passion for developing ideas into realities.

But make no mistake – we’re a creative town at heart, one that has an appreciation for the arts, and especially for music. To be successful in tech development, you need a product to design that you feel passionately about. However, as a creative, it is easy to get lost in the creation and forget about the business and technical aspects of the project. With that understanding, you must have an acute awareness of the various pathways to success provided by America’s diverse mobile app ecosystem. The diversity and competition in the current ecosystem has allowed our idea to turn into more than just a tech startup – but a tool that can be in the hands of artists around the world, within moments.

While I’ve had the privilege of pursuing a number of entrepreneurial ventures over the course of my career, none have been so close to my heart as, an app allowing users to isolate and remove the sounds of instruments in their favorite songs, enabling them to master instruments by playing along without that background support.

As a musician, I love to jam and play along with my favorite songs, but I knew that I wasn’t perfecting my performance when I had the instrumental backing of the guitar solo supporting me. I would miss notes and be saved by the sound of the music I was playing over. I needed a better way to really learn the songs I was practicing, and what better way than by developing a product that others could use at the same time.

The infrastructure of today’s digital marketplace has been essential for getting into the hands of users. The consumer feedback our company receives through our developer network has allowed us to grow using data-informed decisions around how our customers interacted with our app in real time. And, digital marketplaces allow us to sell our app, including through Google Play and other app markets, enabling our company to reach a greater audience than if we were attempting to promote and sell our app independently. 

I am proud of the global impact that Moises has already built, and we truly could not have reached that goal or audience without the tools, services, and knowledge of other developers who lent us a helping hand along the way. And the positive impact that the current app marketplace ecosystem has had on our dream must be considered as our elected leaders examine the state of competition in the app store landscape.

The ability to gain insights and learnings into the tech development space has made it clear why Salt Lake City is increasingly invested in being a startup town – the barriers to entry are continually lowered so that anyone and everyone with a good idea can get involved. I’m just as excited to see the future developments of Moises as I am for the other apps and ideas that will come out of Salt Lake!

Geraldo Ramos is a drummer and prolific entrepreneur. He is the inventor and brain behind