Legislative leaders name redistricting committee members

Utah State Capitol

The Utah Legislature has named the members of the redistricting committee entrusted with crafting boundaries for state Senate, House and congressional districts.

“The redistricting committee has been tasked with setting legislative boundaries that reflect the changes our state has seen over the last decade,” said President J. Stuart Adams. “The legislators selected will provide input and unique perspectives through a fair and transparent process to accomplish this assignment. Their recommendations are vital in the redistricting process, and I am certain their work will result in the best outcomes for our growing state.”

“Setting legislative boundaries is a complex assignment taken on by the Legislature every ten years following the census and is fundamental to our elections and government for the next decade,” said Speaker of the House Brad Wilson. “Careful consideration has been given to which members are best suited to the task and who will help represent a range of viewpoints. I’m confident we have the best possible group to weigh the options and draw the map in a way that best serves the people of Utah.”

The COVID-19 pandemic delayed census data required for the deliberations. The Legislature expects to receive the data by October 1.

The 20-member legislative redistricting committee includes:

  • Sen. Scott Sandall, Chair
  • Rep. Paul Ray, Chair
  • Sen. Kirk Cullimore
  • Sen. Gene Davis
  • Sen. Lincoln Fillmore
  • Sen. Don Ipson
  • Sen. Karen Mayne
  • Sen. Mike McKell
  • Rep. Carl Albrecht
  • Rep. Jeff Burton
  • Rep. Joel Ferry
  • Rep. Sandra Hollins
  • Rep. Brad Last 
  • Rep. Steve Lund 
  • Rep. Ashlee Matthews 
  • Rep. Merrill Nelson
  • Rep. Val Petersen 
  • Rep. Candice Pierucci
  • Rep. Robert Spendlove
  • Rep. Andrew Stoddard

“As legislators, we are dedicated to the wellbeing of all Utahns,” said Sen. Scott Sandall, committee co-chair. “Throughout the redistricting process, we will talk with and listen to individuals from across the state before making recommendations. Our committee’s diverse perspectives will help us find the best path forward as we work to represent all individuals, families and groups in Utah.”

“The committee selected for this assignment is composed of talented, dedicated public servants who each bring a unique perspective to the table,” said Rep. Ray, committee co-chair. “This is much more than simply drawing boundaries; we need to consider each decision from a broad spectrum of perspectives and I am confident we have the right group to do just that.”

Committee meetings are open to the public and will be made available for viewing online.