The House that SHE Built

“A wise girl knows her limits. A smart girl knows she has none.” This quote is in “The House that SHE Built” in Saratoga Springs. The first of its kind, this home was designed, constructed and finished by all women-owned businesses. The house represents “strength, courage, grit, determination, balance, color and resilience” in its design, its attention to detail and the finishing touches.

Lt. Governor Deidre Henderson spoke at the ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday, June 4. She said she showed up expecting to be impressed. She was not expecting to be so inspired. She noted Utah’s top economic rating and the boom in housing around the state – the highest in the nation. Construction is one of the drivers of our economy, but women represent only 10% of that workforce in Utah. In fact, tradeswomen had to be brought in from out-of-state because there were no women in Utah with some of the needed skills.

“Part of the vision of The House that SHE Built was to inspire women of all ages to pursue a career in home building,” said LG Henderson. The House that SHE built has done that. The 2-story “eclectic, contemporary” farmhouse features a children’s play area, a chef’s kitchen and a serene master bedroom in its 3200 square feet of living space.

The house is featured in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes, underway through June 19. The proceeds of the home will be divided as follows: 60% will go toward scholarships for women pursuing careers in construction management and trades, 20% will be used for education initiatives and future building events and 20% will to to LifeStart Village, a nonprofit organization giving single women and their children a new start in life.