Guest opinion: Speak up for truth

Rational citizens can become so exhausted from falsehood fatigue that they dismiss the latest outrageous untruth as merely the delusion of one more crazy guy out there somewhere.

But such dismissal allows the lie to lurk and live in the shadows, obscuring facts while it damages communities, values, relationships and lives.

For that reason, I feel compelled to join the chorus of voices who denounce a widely publicized, deranged lie this month that attacked my Jewish neighbors as well as science and reason.

The unhinged rant of a Utah tech entrepreneur and political activist spouting wild anti-Semitic and anti-vaccine conspiracy theories cost him his high-profile job.

But such rhetoric can cost the rest of us our humanity and civil decency unless we call it out as the hate speech that it is, and repudiate it unequivocally.

Other tech industry leaders, elected officials and commentators have taken that initial, responsible step.

Now it’s our turn—yes, even your turn to speak out against the racial inequalities that are happening in our state..

I urge all thinking people to speak up for truth, because facts, lies and delusions are not equivalent arguments in public discourse.

-Scott N. Howell


Former Utah State Senate Minority Leader