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“Most political failures are failures of communications. Most political successes are triumphs of communications.”

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Need to educate Utah policymakers on a key issue? Get the attention of Utah’s political community? Influence legislation? Raise awareness of your organization or candidacy among elected officials, opinion leaders and political junkies?

If so, Utah Policy Daily/ is precisely the delivery channel you need.  We can help you deliver the right message to the right audience in a compelling way to achieve your public policy objectives.

Remember, if you wait until the legislative session or other event to begin the advocacy process, it’s too late. Education needs to occur year-round.

Utah Policy Daily (UPD) is e-mailed around 6:30 each working morning to nearly 11,000 faithful readers/subscribers, including most state legislators and staff, hundreds of key state executive branch officials, congressional delegation and staff, public and higher education officials, hundreds of lobbyists, campaign managers and fundraisers, business leaders, news media executives and reporters, opinion leaders, and political junkies/active voters.

In addition to those who receive UPD by e-mail, several thousand unique visitors read the newsletter each week on-line at Advertising on is also featured on the business web site and newsletter, reaching several thousand more readers.

To effectively reach these readers, we offer traditional banner advertising, but also the opportunity to provide more in-depth information with advocacy essays, sponsored articles, and e-mail blasts to all subscribers. All ads are posted in the newsletters, and on every page of the web sites.

It’s a great way to educate, persuade, and boost awareness, with the ability to link to more information on your web site or ours.     

Use our contact form to inquire about advertising.

(Note: Utah Policy Daily reserves the right to refuse advertising that does not meet community standards or that conflicts with other sponsor/client objectives.)