Two Utah Congressional Districts Listed among Top 50 for Uninsured Children

A report released today by the bipartisan children’s advocacy organization First Focus lists two Utah congressional districts among the 50 congressional districts with the highest percent of uninsured children: Utah Congressional District 2, where 13.6% of children were uninsured in 2012 and Utah Congressional District 4, where 12.5% of children were uninsured. 

Nationally, 9% of children were uninsured in 2012.

Utah is ranked 41 out of 47 states for insurance coverage of rural children. The other six states with the most uninsured rural children are also in the West:  Colorado, Montana, Texas, Alaska, Arizona and Nevada.

In most states, including Utah, children in rural areas rely on Medicaid and CHIP more than their urban counterparts. In Utah, 22.6% of rural children were covered by public health insurance compared to 18.5% of urban children.

CHIP, created by a Republican-controlled Congress and a Democratic president in 1997, is currently funded through September 2015 but Congress will soon have to decide if it will be funded after that point.

“While every American has a big stake in the outcome of the CHIP funding, rural America has a special interest,” writes William O’Hare of First Focus. “Public insurance for children provided through Medicaid and CHIP has become particularly important for a growing share of struggling families in rural America.”

For more information, see the complete report: