Press Release: Janis Dubno of Voices for Utah Children Selected for Federal Appointment

Voices for Utah Children is pleased to announce that the U.S. Department of Education, in conjunction with the Policy Innovation Lab at the University of Utah, and with support from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, has asked Janis Dubno, Director of Early Education Policy, to become a Pay for Success Fellow in order to help further their work in this emerging field. 

In alignment with the Obama Administration’s broader agenda, the U.S. Department of Education seeks to supports initiatives that are based on evidence, focus on outcomes, and improve education while generating savings for taxpayers.

The appointment reflects Voices’ pioneering work, in collaboration with our state, local and national partners, in Pay for Success in early childhood education.  Utah was the first state to implement a social impact loan for high-quality preschool in 2014, expanding access to high quality preschool to hundreds of children in Salt Lake County.

“We believe this appointment attests to the quality of our staff at Voices and affirms our commitment to making sure that all children in Utah, and now, across the nation, receive the best opportunities for reaching their full potential,” said Lincoln Nehring, President and CEO of Voices for Utah Children.

Janis will be able to use what she learned at Voices for Utah Children to help ensure more children across the country have access to voluntary high-quality pre-school. Voices wishes Janis the best of luck with her assignment at the U.S. Department of Education and looks forward to our continued collaboration and continued successes for Utah’s children and families.