Utah Priorities Project Voter Panel Doesn’t Much Like Either Presumptive Candidate for President

New Utah Foundation LogoA panel of voters who participated in the Utah Priorities Project voter poll earlier this year expressed disapproval of both presumptive presidential nominees, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, in a follow-up survey.

The group of 68 voters volunteered to answer additional questions after the much broader poll conducted by Dan Jones and Associates in February and March.

While the smaller group is not a statistically representative sample of the population, their answers to a series of questions about the candidates are interesting. Their responses are outlined in a new blog post on the Utah Foundation website athttp://www.utahfoundation.org/2016/05/utahns-dont-like-either-presumptive-candidate/

63% of the group expressed strongly negative feelings about Donald Trump, with only 8% strongly favorable. 51% had a strongly negative attitude about Hillary Clinton, with an only slightly larger margin, 10%, having a very positive view.

The same group gave Clinton a significantly larger likelihood of becoming president, 55% versus 39% for Trump.

The attitudes and comments of the group are plotted on interactive chart on the Utah Foundation website, created by Research Analyst Christopher Collard.  Collard is available for comment on the blog post. Contact Communications Director Dan Bammes to arrange an interview.