Podcast: Bernick and Schott on Politics – Episode #290

Time to run down all the big stories from the last week in Utah politics.

Rep. Steve Handy (R-Layton) joins Managing Editor Bryan Schott this week as Bob is on vacation.
Polling show Utahns do not want to grant accommodations in public bathrooms for transgendered individuals. However, opposition to same-sex marriage in Utah has dropped in the year since the Supreme Court ruled marriage equality is the law of the land. Handy says he’s not surprised that Utahns are becoming more accepting of same-sex unions as they are getting used to the new reality.
News broke that a private law firm helping the state in the battle to control public lands in the state is using taxpayer money for luxury travel and hotel rooms. Handy, who is a supporter of the land-transfer movement, says he’s disappointed that this may have happened and a full accounting of spending in the effort is warranted.
The FBI announced that Hillary Clinton  would not be facing charges in the use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State. Handy and Schott discuss what that means going forward.
Plus, Bryan asks some hard questions about Handy dressing up as Paul Revere in an Independence Day parade.