National Headlines 11-10-13

Christie: Obama apology ‘not enough’ (The Hill)

Kerry: US not going to ‘rush’ into Iran deal (The Hill)

How did the government shutdown affect job numbers? (Associated Press)

After the big Obamacare apology: where things stand (CNN)

Chris Christie quiet on 2016 presidential race during Sunday media blitz (New York Daily News)

Early Obamacare data to signal how many still waiting to enroll (Reuters)

New York City Seeks to Have Stop-Frisk Order Thrown Out (Bloomberg)

Two admirals under investigation in Navy bribery scandal (Los Angeles Times)

Lindsey Graham doubles down on threat to block nominees over Benghazi (CBS News)

FAA making plans for drone flights in U.S. (Los Angeles Times)

Regulators face continuing challenge of averting financial crisis: Ben Bernanke, US Fed chief (Economic Times)

Economy in U.S. Expands at a 2.8% Rate on Inventories (Bloomberg)