Democratic Senator Patty Murray Says Working with Lee Was ‘Shocking’

One Democratic Senator had some choice words to describe working with Sens. Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, but not in the way you might think.

Washington Senator Patty Murray said working with Lee and Cruz during the effort to pass a budget resolution was “shocking” and “astonishing” mainly because of how cordial they were.

She tells the Huffington Post she was taken aback by how easy it was to work with the two because of their reputations.

“Well, that was a very long night and I finally did my preschool moment and told everybody they really had to sit down,” Murray said. “Lee and Cruz both came to me afterwards, and shook my hands and thanked me for having a process where they got to offer amendments and be a part of the debate, and they felt it was a really good moment.”

She said it was not what she expected from the two, who had been determined foes of the measure throughout.

“Was it a surprise that they thanked me? Yes. I was shocked. Shocked,” Murray said, with a chuckle.