Love says She Wants to Hear More Policy Proposals from Trump

Rep. Mia LoveRep. Mia Love says she’s not entirely convinced she can support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump yet.

Love was a guest on “I Have Questions with Bryan Schott.” She says she skipped this week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland to campaign and focus on more pressing constituent business. 
In the podcast, Love says she needs to hear more about Donald Trump’s plans if elected before she can offer her support.
“I would like to see more policy proposals that I can go out and say this is what I can agree with,” says Love. “We need to hear more about Donald Trump’s plans for regulatory relief; we need to hear what he’s going to do to help people have access to work. What is he going to do to drive down the cost of good and services and drive up the quality of life in this country?”
While Love is unsure about supporting Trump, she is 100% confident about her opposition to presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.
“I’m going to do everything I can to keep her from being president,” says Love. “Hillary Clinton has made her policies very clear. She supports a lot of the current administration’s policies and agenda. We know wholeheartedly that Utah is not supportive of Hillary Clinton. I know what’s going to happen there. There really isn’t a policy she has that I can hold on to or say, I haven’t found anything that I could support there. I know who I’m not supporting for sure.”
Love currently is locked in a tight re-election battle with Democrat Doug Owens. Most election forecasters have rated the race as a toss-up despite Love’s incumbency and fundraising advantage. 
Love says she hopes Trump can adopt a positive message during the general election campaign following the convention.
“We need people who have positive, unifying messages for this country. People are tired. They feel like they have no voice. They feel disenfranchised, and they should. Congress has given its power away, and people don’t have the ability to influence their lives anymore. I think those are the things we need to address seriously.”