Cruz Bombs in Tumultuous Convention

lavarr policy insightsI’ve always thought Ted Cruz was creepy. Now I know he’s also classless, a sore loser and a jerk. He once again proved why so few people in Washington like him.

Anyone who’s followed my writing knows I’ve never been a Donald Trump fan. I can’t excuse a lot of his behavior. I still don’t know if I can vote for him. But, like it or not, Trump won the nomination fair and square. The GOP convention is his convention. Delegates formally voted to give him the nomination.

So for Ted Cruz to step up to the podium at Trump’s convention, at Trump’s invitation, no less, and clearly and purposefully snub the nominee lacked in basic respect and courtesy. Did his parents not teach him good manners?

Cruz obviously expects Trump to lose, and he wants to say, “Told you so,” and then become the frontrunner for 2020. 

I’m not sure Republicans will rally around a classless sore loser.  

Meanwhile, the Trump kids have emerged as the stars of the convention. Where has Trump been hiding them? For young people who grew up with immense money and privilege, it’s remarkable how grounded and genuine they seem to be. As VP nominee Mike Pence said, “You can’t fake good kids.”

Pence nicely introduced himself to the nation in his folksy but powerful acceptance speech, coming across as a traditional, authentic conservative. Clearly, most voters vote for the presidential candidate, not the VP, but the selection of Pence has certainly reassured a lot of Republican leaders who have serious misgivings about Trump. Pence is genuinely liked and respected by the nation’s Republican governors and members of Congress.

Finally, House Speaker Paul Ryan is showing very well as the convention chair. I still think he’s the best politician in the country.

It has not been a typical convention. Nothing about the Trump campaign for president is typical. The convention has been far more unorchestrated, spontaneous and tumultuous than typical Republican conventions. And that has actually made it sort of fun.