Expect Trump to Campaign in Utah Before November

Donald TrumpIt’s a near certainty that Donald Trump’s campaign will have a presence in Utah ahead of November’s election.

Ron Fox, who has attended 10 Republican National Conventions and has done advance work in Utah for five Republican presidents, was a guest on the “I Have Questions with Bryan Schott” podcast. He says he has been in contact with Trump’s campaign.

“Normally, when you have a state with as few electors as we have, you’ll find that they’ll do at least an airport rally. But you may find that they’ll do more,” says Fox. “The Trump family will be involved in the campaigning, and I can almost guarantee you that family members will be out here.”

News broke on Tuesday that former President Bill Clinton will campaign in Utah for his wife’s presidential bid next month. Fox says he expects any campaign events by Clinton to be a secondary goal.

“I believe Bill Clinton is coming here with a vacuum cleaner to basically try to get as much money as he can out of Park City and support the race for his wife,” he said.

However, Fox does think that Clinton is also coming because her campaign may see an opportunity to make inroads in a traditionally Republican state.

“I think they’re also having a much more complicated map this time with states for electoral votes. If there’s an opportunity to come close, or to win, maybe that’s why they’re spending more time in Utah.”

Even though the Clinton campaign may sense an opportunity to win Utah, Fox doesn’t think we will be a swing state this time around.

“It may have been more of a swing state if Bernie Sanders had been nominated because of the vast support he was receiving, especially from younger people. I think as it progresses, you’ll find that it will get better, and Trump will win the state. The Lyndon Johnson race in 1964 was the last time a Democrat won here, and that race was so polarized by the Goldwater/Johnson contest. Before that, Democrats were winning all the time.”