How to Sound Smart About Utah Politics for Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Good Tuesday morning from Salt Lake City. Today is the 215th day of the year. There are 151 days left in 2016.

Donald Trump’s feud with the parents of a fallen Muslim-American soldier continues into a fourth day. Trump says the November election is “rigged” against him. Democrat Charlene Albarran is mostly self-funding her challenge to Rep. Chris Stewart.

The clock:

  • 98 days until the 2016 presidential election – (11/8/2016)
  • 174 days until the first day of the 2017 Utah Legislature – (1/23/2017)
  • 219 days until the final day of the 2017 Utah Legislature – (3/9/2017)

Ten talking points for Tuesday:

  1. Democratic 2nd District challenger Charlene Albarran is pumping massive amounts of her own cash into her campaign. Nearly 90% of her total campaign cash to date has come from herself [Utah Policy]. 
  2. Sigh. The feud between Donald Trump and the parents of a fallen Muslim-American war hero stretched into a fourth day. After continuing his criticism of the Kahn family, news emerges that Trump got five draft deferments during the Vietnam War, including one for a diagnosis of bone spurs in his heels [New York Times]. Sen. John McCain slammed Trump for his statements about the Kahn family [Politico]. A number of Trump’s supporters started pushing a conspiracy theory that U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan was a double agent for the Muslim brotherhood [Talking Points Memo]. 
  3. It looks like Hillary Clinton got a YUUGE bounce coming out of the Democratic convention last week of at least 6 points [FiveThirtyEight].
  4. Oh my! CNN’s Fareed Zakaria called Donald Trump a “bullsh– artist” on live television Monday [Huffington Post].
  5. At a rally in Ohio, Donald Trump said the election is going to be “rigged” in favor of Hillary Clinton [Time]. Also, Trump called Hillary Clinton “the devil” at the same rally [CNN].
  6. Billionaire Warren Buffett challenges Donald Trump to release his tax returns, saying he would meet the GOP nominee “any place, any time” with a copy of his own return and the two would answer questions from the public [Bloomberg].
  7. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson may have damaged his standing among Utah Mormons after saying “religious liberty” legislation may “open up a can of worms.” He also speculated that the exemptions would allow someone to shoot another person because “God has spoken to them” [Fox 13].
  8. Must watch! Former Attorney General Mark Shurtleff sits down for an interview after public corruption charges against him are dropped [Fox 13].
  9. Two environmental organizations plan to sue the EPA for not taking action after Utah missed a deadline for meeting federal air quality standards [Tribune].
  10. Centerville Councilman Bill Ince is catching a ton of heat after suggesting that motorists run cyclists off the road [Deseret News].

On this day in history:

  • 1776 – The Declaration of Independence, adopted on July 4, was signed by members of the Continental Congress.
  • 1923 – President Warren G. Harding died of a stroke in a San Francisco hotel. He was succeeded by Vice President Calvin Coolidge.
  • 1990 – Iraq invaded Kuwait, seizing control of the oil-rich emirate.