Press Release: Doug Owens Calls for End to Public Funding of Congressional Mass Mailers

Fourth Congressional District candidate Doug Owens announced the fifth and final plank of his new Accountability and Ethics Reform Plan, which is designed to strengthen ethical guidelines to hold lawmakers in Washington more accountable to the people they represent.

Owens has previously called for passing a “No Budget, No Pay” law, a five-day workweek for Congress, ending automatic pay raises for lawmakers, and banning luxury travel for members of Congress paid for by lobbyists and special interest groups.
Now, as the final plank of his plan, Owens is calling to put a stop to the Congressional practice of spending millions of taxpayers’ dollars each year on Members’ mass mail campaigns. In her first six months in office, incumbent Congresswoman Mia Love spent $83,000 on mailers at taxpayers’ expense, more than all other members of Utah’s delegation, combined.
“Unfortunately, too many politicians in Washington are more interested in perks and privileges than in public service,” Owens said. “Spending huge sums of taxpayer dollars on mass mailers is not only wasteful, the practice is often abused for personal gain and should be stopped. Our representatives should not be campaigning with our money.”
Doug Owens is a Salt Lake City native, husband, and father of four. As a highly-respected business defense attorney, he has 25 years’ experience helping businesses succeed. Six generations of Doug’s family have called Utah home. From those ancestors, he inherited the values he’ll take to Washington: hard work, concern for his neighbors, an appreciation for Utah’s unique beauty, and a desire to get things done.