National Headlines 8-3-16

Justice Department Officials Raised Objections on U.S. Cash Payment to Iran (Wall Street Journal)

Freedom Caucus knives out for Ryan after Huelskamp loss (Politico)

Is Tim Kaine mean enough for Trump? (Politico)

Pence: Obama has ‘put a price’ on US lives (The Hill)

Obama commutes sentences of 214 inmates (The Hill)

Supreme Court temporarily blocks order on transgender bathroom use (CNN)

Clinton Cronies Get Their Tentacles on NYC’s Top Cop, Bill Bratton (Daily Beast)

Jill Stein’s anti-vax game: How and why the Green Party candidate is pandering to the anti-vaccination crowd (Salon)

Hack the vote: Could cyberattackers disrupt the election? (CNET)

‘We’re not shooting our police’: Trump says officers won’t be shot when he’s president (Dallas Morning News)

Fox News voice not changing despite Ailes’ departure, but questions linger (CNNMoney)