National Headlines 8-4-16

Trump’s path to victory depends on surge of white men (The Hill)

Trump: Ryan is ‘a good guy, actually’ (The Hill)

U.S. and Russia brawl over race for U.N. chief (Politico)

Trump team projects optimism amid dire poll numbers (Politico)

Clinton broadens campaign effort to target wary Republicans (Washington Post)

Obama spends 7 minutes dodging on whether Iran will use $400 million to fund terrorism (NTK Network)

U.S. poised top hit Obama’s target of 10,000 Syrian refugees (Associated Press)

Obama: Islamic State likely to continue to threaten US (Associated Press)

Donald Trump and Mike Pence Again Diverge on Endorsements (New York Times)

Man charged with supporting ISIS allegedly had links to attack in Texas (Washington Post)

Clinton campaign studying alternative to U.S. ethanol mandate (Reuters)