Local Headlines 8-5-16

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Wolverines and others need our help to avoid being roadkill

Editorial: Chaffetz plays politics with IRS workers

Midvale tries a new approach to floating tax-hike plan

DABC computer glitch has Utah restaurants and bars scrambling for liquor

Utah needs hate-crime law with teeth, prosecutor says

Industry trumpets support for Bears Ears monument at Outdoor Retailer

Utah lawmaker looks to tighten laws keeping guns out of hands of abusers

Deseret News

Op-ed: Though facing opposition, NewVistas deserves a second look

Op-ed: Recovery audit contractors are making lemonade for the federal budget

Editorial: Early childhood education gets increased attention and funding

Here’s how Gary Johnson feels about guns, Black Lives Matter and purple politics

State auditor investigating UFA for ‘improper compensation,’ ‘potential misuse of public funds’

Big money, environmentalists and the Bears Ears story

Law enforcement, activists reiterate need to replace Utah’s ‘toothless’ hate crime law


Editorial: A city councilman’s joke falls flat in Centerville (Standard-Examiner)