National Headlines 11-12-13

Clinton: Let people keep coverage (The Hill)

Who counts as an Obamacare enrollee? The Obama administration settles on a definition. (Washington Post)

Obamacare Web Users Invited by U.S. to Try Signup Again (Bloomberg)

Initial Health-Plan Enrollment Falls Below Expectations (HealthDay News)

Supreme Court justices dismiss another Oklahoma law on abortion (CNN)

Boston Marathon suspect wants jail restrictions eased (Associated Press)

Obama lunches with enlisted troops and junior officers (USA Today)

Hillary Clinton defeats Chris Christie in 2016 presidential race: poll (New York Daily News)

Anthem Blue Cross will delay cancelling 104,000 health insurance policies (San Jose Mercury News)

Small-business sentiment for October tumbled amid shutdown (CNBC)

Shale gas boom to fuel US lead over Europe and Asia for decades (Financial Times)