National Headlines 8-9-16

Orlando shooter’s father attends Clinton rally (Politico)

Trump on ‘Second Amendment’ backlash: ‘Give me a break’ (Politico)

Analysis: Trump campaign has spent $0 on television advertising (The Hill)

Trump: I will attend three debates but could negotiate terms (The Hill)

Paul Ryan easily wins GOP primary (CNN)

Beck ordered to reveal sources for Boston bombing accusations (New York Daily News)

Why parents of two Benghazi victims are suing Clinton (Christian Science Monitor)

Emails Renew Questions About Clinton Foundation and State Dept. Overlap (New York Times)

Bernie Sanders really, really wants your help. To defeat Democrats. (Washington Post)

Icahn: ‘Extremely Important For Country To See Trump Win’ (RealClearPolitics)

Presidential candidates offer platitudes but no real plans to help black and Latino voters (Washington Post)