RNC Announces New Social Media Campaign To Engage Hispanic Voters

The Republican National Committee announced a new weekly social media campaign speaking directly to Hispanic voters about issues of importance to all Americans, including job creation, the economy, national security, veteran support, education, taxes, and immigration.

The campaign features a host of Republican leaders who reflect the diverse voices of the Hispanic community, with content in both English and Spanish.
As part of this new initiative, the RNC is launching the video series GOP Hispanics: The Week Ahead. The first video, “Terrorism,” features RNC Director of Hispanic Communications Helen Aguirre-Ferré discussing how President Obama’s failed foreign policy has risked American national security and produced the growth of terrorism around the world.
“As we at the RNC continue to deepen our commitment to engaging with the Hispanic community, we are expanding our efforts in social media to generate greater conversation and understanding of what the Republican Party stands for,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “This new video makes clear the threat of radical Islamic terrorism has never been more present, but Hillary Clinton is committing to the same failed strategy of leading from behind which has made our country less safe and our allies more vulnerable. Donald Trump is the only candidate embracing a peace through strength approach that will protect Americans from the threat of terrorism.”

See also the accompanying briefing from RNC Research, “Clinton’s National Security Disaster.”

View the English-language version of “Terrorism” here.
View the Spanish-language version here.