Clinton’s Campaign Thinks They Can Flip Utah in November

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton’s campaign thinks they have a shot to turn Utah blue in 2016. That’s something that has not happened since 1964.

Clinton’s director of state campaigns, Marlon Marshall, tells the Bloomberg podcast “Masters in Politics” that they think there’s a chance they could be the first Democrat to win the state since Lyndon B. Johnson.

“President Clinton was out there the other day,” Marshall told Bloomberg Politics’ “Masters in Politics” podcast. “He did a meeting with some community leaders in Utah. I think a lot of public polls will show Utah to be closer than one would expect.”


Donald Trump’s poor approval ratings are giving Clinton a chance of winning in Utah, as well as other typically red states, Marshall said.  


“I attribute it to a couple of things: One, I think our message is resonating on the economy and what Hillary wants to do to build an economy for everyone and not just ones at the top,” Marshall said. “But I do think Trump’s rhetoric is very divisive rhetoric. In some states, it’s really turning people off. I think in a state like Utah, which is typically more conservative, they’re saying, ‘This is not the type of person who should represent this country or our state.’ So, are we going to win Utah? I don’t know. But is it something that’s on our radar? Yeah, we’re gonna take a look.”

A survey shows Clinton within striking distance of Republican nominee Donald Trump. Trump has a 12-point lead over Clinton at 37-25%. Libertarian Gary Johnson is at 16%.

A big hurdle for Clinton winning the state is her poor public standing in Utah. When asked who is more “trustworthy,” 49% said Trump and 28% said Clinton. Additionally, a majority of Utahns say the FBI was in error by not bringing criminal charges against Clinton in her use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State.