Tancredo to Mormons: Trump Is the Candidate Who Will Protect Religious Freedom

Former congressman Tom Tancredo says Mormons should reject their church leadership’s support for “open borders and lax enforcement of immigration laws” and vote for Donald Trump, who will defend religious liberty against the threat posed by radical Islam.

Writes Tancredo in an op-ed at Breitbart:

A clear-eyed look at the current presidential campaign suggests to me that the extent of Mormon opposition to Donald Trump is being exaggerated by the hostile media and some “Never Trump” opponents. The recent announcement by an ex-CIA agent of the Mormon faith, Evan McMullin, that he will wage a candidacy as an independent candidate for president, is not generating a tidal wave of support in Utah or anyplace else.

Nonetheless, the statements of some Mormon leaders raising the specter of religious persecution if immigration of radical Muslims is banned, is poisonous to intelligent debate over immigration policy. But then again, this is not new: the open borders lobby has never wanted to allow intelligent debate on the issue and has always tried to slander proponents of border controls.

Governor Herbert of Utah has been pouring kerosene on the smoldering fire by trying to link immigration policy to religious persecution. The former LDS missionary recently said, “I am the governor of a state that was settled by religious exiles who withstood persecution after persecution, including an extermination order from another state’s governor. In Utah, the First Amendment still matters. That will not change so long as I remain governor.”

The clear implication in the Governor’s message is that Trump’s plan to bar Islamist jihadists from entering our country is somehow akin to proposals 150 years ago to bar Mormon immigration. Most likely, the average Mormon citizen in Utah or Nevada or Ohio will make that same connection when it comes to Muslim jihadists: No, barring jihadists is not religious persecution.

Indeed, most Mormon Republicans are lining up in support of Trump despite the frenzied effort to slander him as proposing religious persecution. Utah Governor Herbert, the Utah state Republican party chairman, and Senator Jason Chaffetz have all said they intend to vote for Trump. Out west, only Nevada Senator Dean Heller is waging an open jihad against Trump.

Will the “Mormon issue” be a major obstacle for Trump’s campaign? The answer is, not unless sheer demagoguery triumphs over common sense. Mormons worship the US Constitution and its guarantee of religious liberty. Radical Islam is the number one enemy of religious liberty in the world today. Probably 99% of Mormon citizens and voters can make that logical connection — even while their church leadership suffers an episode of moral incoherence.