New Poll Gives Trump 15-Point Lead in Utah

Donald Trump 03Another Utah poll shows Donald Trump maintaining his lead over Hillary Clinton, while Gov. Gary Herbert and Sen. Mike Lee are still ahead, too.


Public Policy Polling tested a six-way race and found:

  • Donald Trump (Republican) – 39%
  • Hillary Clinton (Democrat) – 24%
  • Gary Johnson (Libertarian) – 12%
  • Evan McMullin (Independent) – 9%
  • Darrell Castle ( Constitution) – 2%
  • Jill Stein (Green) – 1%

Those numbers are in line with our latest Dan Jones & Associates survey that had Trump with a 12-point lead over Clinton.

This is the first poll to include independent candidate Evan McMullin.

The PPP survey also found Trump is unbelievably unpopular with Mormons.

Much has been made of Trump’s unpopularity with Mormons and certainly that’s a real thing- only 33% of Mormons see him favorably to 56% with an unfavorable opinion. But that still puts him in much better position than Clinton who comes in at 12/84 with Mormons. When it comes to the horse race Clinton is actually tied for third among Mormons in the state- Trump gets 44%, McMullin 13%, and Clinton and Johnson tie for third at 12%. Echoing a finding we made the last time we publicly polled Utah in 2011, non-Mormon Utah would be one of the most Democratic states in the country. Among non-Mormons in the state, Clinton leads by 16 points with 46% to 30% for Trump, and 11% for Johnson.

In a straight-up head to head race between Trump and Clinton, PPP found Trump with a 53-33% lead.

The survey also gave Gov. Gary Herbert a 57-26% lead over Democrat Mike Weinholtz, which is a bit narrower than our most recent survey that had Herbert up 64-23%.

PPP gives Sen. Mike Lee a 51-21% lead over Democrat Misty Snow, which is also a bit closer than our latest poll where Lee was up 57-22%.