Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Opens Office in Utah; Warns About a Trump Presidency

Jake SullivanJake Sullivan, the top foreign policy advisor to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, made a stop in Utah on Tuesday night to make his pitch to Utah voters. But, will they buy what he’s selling?

“I think the more that people hear what she wants to do in terms of creating jobs and keeping this country safe and, most importantly, bringing people together to try and actually solve problems rather than dividing people and tearing them down,” says Sullivan. “I think an increasing number of people here in Utah are going to flock to her campaign”

Sullivan was interviewed for the “I Have Questions with Bryan Schott” podcast while he was in Utah to open Clinton’s field office.

Sullivan says there’s a political opening for Clinton in Utah given how many residents are turned off by Donald Trump’s rhetoric.

“He is spewing what has to be called hatred toward so many groups in this country. This ultimately is an election about who we are as Americans, and I think Hillary Clinton is putting forward an optimistic, confident view about our capacity to solve problems together and to lift each other up. Donald Trump is putting forward a dark and pessimistic view that doesn’t reflect the country I know and love.”

Two recent polls have put Clinton down 15 and 12 points to Donald Trump in Utah.

Sullivan, a foreign policy expert, says Trump’s ideas should truly scare Americans.

“If Donald Trump were elected president, God forbid, he would have his finger on the nuclear button. This is a man with a very thin skin. He’s somebody who, when asked about the prospect of nuclear war in Asia said, ‘Go ahead, enjoy yourselves, folks.’ That is how little regard he has for how serious a job it is to be the commander in chief. Whether you’re a Democrat, an independent or a Republican, you should be very worried about Donald Trump.”