National Headlines 8-28-16

Health-care exchange sign-ups fall far short of forecasts (Washington Post)

Can Clinton Save Health Overhaul From Its Mounting Problems? (Associated Press)

US economy grew at tepid 1.1 percent pace in spring (Associated Press)

Global Central Bankers Unite in Plea for Help From Governments (Fortune)

Surprise: Gun ownership rises to 44% of all homes (Washington Examiner)

Paul Wolfowitz: ‘I might have to vote for Hillary Clinton’ (Politico)

GOP plots early wake-up call for Clinton (Politico)

Trump calls on Brzezinski to apologize for ‘coordinated gang attack’ on black pastor (The Hill)

Wasserman Schultz goes down to wire against primary challenger (The Hill)

Donna Brazile defends Hillary Clinton’s meetings with Clinton Foundation donors (CBS News)

U.S. Election So Nuts I Just Might Win, Libertarian Johnson Says (Bloomberg)