Press Release: Joint Statement of Republican Elected Officials In Support of the Trump/Pence Campaign

2016 may prove to be the most important election in a generation.

Issues of great importance to many Utahns hang in the balance. As elected officials who work hard to protect Utah values, we recognize the critical importance of having Supreme Court nominees who respect the Constitution, the rule of law, and federalism. We must ensure that the right of citizens to keep and bear arms remains intact. We are committed to lower taxes, not more government waste. We need a national defense strategy that keeps our country and our allies safe. We favor environmental and regulatory policies that enable Utahns to carefully develop our state’s natural resources. And we support sensible immigration policies that protect our borders and that apply fairly to all immigrants.

We believe that the policies Donald Trump and Mike Pence have put forward reflect the goals of the overwhelming majority of Utahns. By contrast, Hillary Clinton’s long record and current agenda put her at odds with the values of Utah citizens and our public policy objectives. 

As economist and former Wall Street Journal editorial board member Stephen Moore recently wrote in Real Clear Politics:

“Trump is calling for the biggest tax cuts and reforms since Reagan. He supports massive regulatory relief and school choice. Trump wants to kill Obamacare. On energy, Trump wants a pro-America drilling policy. Clinton wants to soak the rich, increase the debt, stop energy development, expand entitlements and double down on Obamacare. How is this a difficult choice for a free marketeer?”

For all these reasons, we support Donald Trump and Mike Pence to be the next President and Vice President of the United States. 

We are also pleased to announce that Governor Pence will be visiting Utah on Thursday, September 1, and that Donald Trump, Jr. will be visiting the state later in September.  

The policy differences in the presidential race are clear. We encourage all Utahns to join us in supporting the Trump-Pence ticket. 

Senator Orrin Hatch

Congressman Rob Bishop

Congressman Jason Chaffetz

Congressman Chris Stewart

Attorney General Sean Reyes

Senate President Wayne Niederhauser

Speaker of the House Greg Hughes