National Headlines 11-17-13

GOP: No cover for Dems on O-Care vote (The Hill)

Pelosi: Dems ‘stand tall’ behind O-Care (The Hill)

Obamas, Clintons to visit JFK grave. Is Kennedy legacy still potent politics? (Christian Science Monitor)

Obamacare failures not a panacea for the GOP (Washington Post)

‘Duck Dynasty’-backed political outsider takes Louisiana Congressional seat (Christian Science Monitor)

SNL: Obama’s Second Term Needs a Dose of Extra-Strength Presidential Paxil (TIME)

In Iowa, Ryan blasts health law rollout, hints at a campaign message to come (Washington Post)

Kirsten Gillibrand to push original sexual assault measure (Politico)

Google to invest in solar farms in California and Arizona (Los Angeles Times)

Coal plant shutdowns create market for wind power project (Oklahoman)

N.H.T.S.A. Reports Increased Traffic Deaths (New York Times)

777X vote shows bitter rift in Machinists leadership (Seattle Times)