National Headlines 9-7-16

McConnell eyes short-term funding deal through Dec. 9 (The Hill)

Russian fighter jet gets within 10 feet of US Navy plane (The Hill)

The most powerful woman in GOP politics (Politico)

Whoops: Independent candidate appears to have accidentally picked a running mate (Politico)

Hillary admits upping med ‘load’ to combat coughing fits (American Mirror)

Poll: Trump Leads Clinton Among Military and Veteran Voters (NBC News)

Trump lifts ban that excluded The Washington Post and other news media (Washington Post)

Justice Department Bringing New Information to Case at Supreme Court (Wall Street Journal)

Sen. Rand Paul: EpiPen Scandal Is a Perfect Example of Crony Capitalism (TIME)

Trump raises about $90 million in August (Reuters)

Jill Stein charged over pipeline protest (The Hill)