Mike Lee’s Lead Over Misty Snow Grows to 37-Points

Mike LeeSen. Mike Lee has expanded his lead over political neophyte Misty Snow. He now leads the Democrat by an enormous 37-point margin in the latest UtahPolicy.com survey.

3 out of every five Utahns (60%) now say they plan to vote for the freshman Senator in November, which has him poised to win another term in Washington easily. On the other side, just one out of 5 Utahns (23%) say they’ll vote for Snow. Independent Bill Barron has 4% while Independent American Stoney Fonua gets 3%. 10% say they’re undecided.

Lee’s lead over Snow has jumped by a modest two points since August when he had 57% support to Snow’s 22%.

Clearly, Snow is having trouble gaining any traction outside of the Democratic base in Utah. In fact, unless Snow can start to make some gains, and soon, she’s on track to have the worst electoral showing by a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Utah since Dan Berman pulled in just 25.5% of the vote in 1980. That would be an embarrassing result for Utah’s minority party, which is struggling for relevance among voters.


Lee is crushing Snow in virtually every demographic:

  • Men prefer Lee 60-25%
  • Women break toward Lee 59-21%
  • Lee leads among Republicans 87-2%

The only groups that favor Snow over Lee are Democrats (82-4%), “somewhat liberal” voters (67-12%) and “very liberal” Utahns (86-5%).

Democrats need to win a large chunk of independent voters in Utah if they want to have a chance at winning. That’s not happening. Independents favor Lee by 14-points, 43-29%.

Even millennial voters, who Snow is specifically targeting with her plans for boosting the minimum wage and reducing the cost of college education, support Lee in overwhelming numbers.

  • Voters 18-24 say they’ll vote for Lee 63-11%
  • Voters 25-34 favor Lee 40-28%

While Snow’s monumental struggles leave her at a distinct disadvantage, Lee’s strong showing in this poll is the best of the 2016 election cycle.

  • A July UtahPolicy.com survey put Lee’s support at 57%.
  • An August poll from Public Policy Polling had Lee at 51%
  • The Utah Debate Commission’s poll showed Lee with 53% support.

The Dan Jones & Associates survey was conducted September 1-9, 2016