UCAIR & Chevron Issue $45K Clean Air Innovation Contest

Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR) and Chevron announced their Bright Skies -­‐ Utah Clean Air Innovation Contest. The contest will offer $45,000 in cash awards to winning innovators and entrepreneurs whose solutions make an immediate impact on improving Utah’s air quality.

The contest is open to all Utah innovators, entrepreneurs, businesses and non-­‐profits that develop innovations that immediately make some improvement on Utah air quality. This includes such innovations as those that might reduce industrial or auto emissions, apps that get people involved in improving air quality, or other new technical developments. The entries must demonstrate a measurable difference on air quality and preference will be given to those currently in use or which can be implemented in the immediate future.

“Utah’s air quality is a concern to everyone,” said Ted Wilson, Executive Director of UCAIR. “We all share in the challenge to improve air quality and we are doing a lot of good things that are making a real difference. However, our Bright Skies contest is a way to reach out to the broader community and invite them to help find solutions that will have an even greater impact.”

20160919 UCAIR Contest

Community partner and contest co-­‐sponsor Chevron expressed similar feelings. “We are excited to offer this opportunity to the thinkers and doers in our state to apply their skills and knowledge to air quality improvement,” said Mikal Byrd, Policy, Government, and Public Affairs Representative at Chevron’s Salt Lake Refinery. “We are confident that the Bright Skies contest will be an excellent platform for innovators to present their ideas that will improve air quality.”

The contest is the first of its kind within Utah and possibly across the country. It will be managed by Grow Utah, a privately funded non-­‐profit organization, and built upon the success of dozens of other innovation contests they have held throughout Utah. “We have our finger on the pulse of Utah’s innovation and entrepreneurial community,” said T. Craig Bott, President of Grow Utah. “We work with them all the time in their various ventures and businesses. We are excited to lay down this challenge for them to step up and bring their creative talents and abilities to help solve the real issue of improving air quality in our state. We believe they can make a real difference.”

Applications to the contest, co-­‐sponsored by Zions Bank and the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute, can be submitted now through November 2nd. Selected finalists will present their innovations at a public event held on November 16. At the conclusion of that event, the winners will be announced and the cash prizes awarded.

“It’s a win all around,” concluded Ted Wilson of UCAIR. “We win when new capable people pick up the challenge to improve air quality. We win when our younger generation feels their innovations and ideas are welcome. And we of course win when we find new and innovative solutions for improving air quality. That’s what the Bright Skies Contest Innovation Contest is about-­‐ a win for us all.”

For more information on the Bright Skies Utah Clean Air Innovation Contest, and to apply, visit www.ucair.org.