Stunner! Democrat Jon Harper Withdraws from the Attorney General Race

Jon HarperDemocratic Attorney General candidate Jon Harper has suddenly withdrawn from the November election due to health reasons.

In a statement, Harper said “My family and a number of friends – old and new – have been incredibly supportive, and I appreciate everything they have done for me.

“I also hope the issues I have raised in this campaign will have an impact on the incumbent – that he will recognize his responsibility to serve as the guardian of the public’s interest and not as the attorney for his party leaders and large donors over the interests of the people; that he will shut down the money mill the Attorney General’s office has continued to be; and that he will do as he promised two years ago to restore openness, independence, and integrity in that office.”

Harper had been struggling to gain traction in the race. Just hours before his announcement that he was withdrawing, a new survey showed he was trailing incumbent Republican Sean Reyes by 43 points. A survey from August gave Reyes a 35-point lead.

The Utah Debate Commission survey to determine who would be on the debate stage found Harper down by 30 points.