Local Headlines 11-18-13

Salt Lake Tribune

Rolly: Dems, too, try to stifle direct primaries

Op-ed: We have a surplus in Utah, and our children need it

Op-ed: Utah K-12 education still hurting from 2006 change in funding law

Editorial: Let Common Core conspiracies die in Utah

State, local competition emerging to raise gasoline tax

Herbert’s deputy chief of staff leaving for more family time

Streetcar on 1100 East — Not so fast

San Rafael Swell land yanked from Utah oil and gas auction

How JFK’s Catholicism eased the way for Mitt’s Mormonism

50 years later, the Kennedy years still shine for Utahns

WVC Mayor-elect’s priorities include police and planning

D.C. Notebook: Ann Romney makes Mitt say no to another W.H. run

Poll: Shutdown revives love for national parks

Paul Rolly: County auditor, A.G. offices have storied histories

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: The nation is having debates regarding PC issues — so we will, too

John Florez: Parents have solutions if lawmakers just ask

Op-ed: Talk of gun control makes gun sales soar

Matthew Holland: Gettysburg and the ‘new proposition’ of American politics

Editorial: Trans fat ban not a sign the ‘nanny state’ is taking over

Editorial: Honoring religious conscience

BLM pulls controversial San Rafael Swell parcels

Best-seller’s claims about Huntsman could hurt his political future

Sen. Lee urges conservatives to lead fight against poverty, echoes Brigham Young’s counsel to ‘bring them in’

Army scrapping 4 US chemical weapons incinerators, including one in Tooele

GOP infighting fierce even in Western strongholds like Utah and Idaho


State lawmaker wants to raise the age to buy smokes in Utah (Daily Herald)

Editorial: Utah needs a gas tax increase (Standard-Examiner)

Editorial: UTOPIA dealings must be in open (Standard-Examiner)

Utah congressmen rip BLM deferment of oil and gas leasing (Standard-Examiner)

Weber legislator wants air-quality awareness campaign — now (Standard-Examiner)

Democrat says Herbert’s delay on Medicaid is costing Utah millions (Standard-Examiner)