Podcast: Bernick and Schott on Politics – Episode #300

Bryan Schott and Bob Bernick run down the week in Utah politics.

It’s our 300th episode!

Donald Trump, Jr. visits Utah and offers a “word salad” defense of his controversial “Skittles” tweet.

Hillary Clinton must know something the rest of us don’t know because she’s acting like she has a chance to win Utah this year.

How important will Monday’s first presidential debate be in determining the winner of November’s election?

Jon Harper, the Democratic nominee for Attorney General drops out of the race suddenly because of health reasons.

Gov. Gary Herbert is so far ahead Mike Weinholtz he’s been out of the state most of the last two weeks.

Democrat Misty Snow perpetrates some Democrat on Democrat violence by criticizing congressional candidate Doug Owens, which is weird because she is losing to Mike Lee by 37-points in our latest poll.

Lawmakers met for the September interim session. We discuss all the happenings from Utah’s Capitol Hill.

Plus, we give our predictions for November based on where things stand this week.